Welcome to Freeway to Fiction!

Why Freeway to Fiction?

According to definition a freeway is an express highway with no intersections and is for fast moving traffic. The reasoning behind my choice was to symbolise how simple and easy it is to get immersed in the world of fiction. Whether it is by reading a book (my personal favourite option) or watching a movie (or even just reading FanFiction, because we’re all guilty of that). For me and many others, fiction is the best way to get an escape from reality.

What can you find on this blog?

On Freeway to Fiction, you will be able to find reviews to all my favourite books, movies and TV series. I will also be uploading loads of other fandom related content such as quizzes, commentaries and reading lists. Hopefully everyone can find something to suite their taste.

Where else can you find Freeway To Fiction?

You can find Freeway to Fiction on:

  • Instagram (@FreewayToFiction)
  • Twitter (@Freeway2Fiction)
  • Tumblr (Freewaytofiction)

Again, welcome to Freeway to Fiction. I hope you have fun and enjoy your stay.

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